Viewing reports can be done from any worklist. Look for the icon and click that. A window will open displaying the report text. In addition to the text view, there is also a print view that includes the report header with patient demographics along with some style formatting. More on the print view can be found in the Printing section.

Important note -- Exams from around January 2015 onward are available in this portal. Send us a message if you need an older report or if the report is unavailable when clicked.

Look for the report icon


All reports follow a similar structure and generally include the same sections. Here is a brief description of what each section contains:

Procedure The description of the exam performed.
Indications The reason this exam was ordered. This can also be an ICD-10 code.
Technique The description or method the technologist used to capture the images.
Comparison A list of any prior exams used to compare with the current study.
Findings The diagnostic findings for the area(s) of interest.
Conclusion The Radiologist's explanation of the findings and possible recommendation for followup.
Signature The Radologist who reviewed the study and created this report.
CC Additional providers who were automatically sent a copy of this report.

Sample report in 'print view'